I'm Alessio, an Italian photographer residing in the Netherlands. Photography has become my passion since the pandemic, providing an escape and outlet for my creativity. I love to capture moments that tell stories and evoke emotions, drawing inspiration from cinema and my favorite movies. My camera is a tool that allows me to see the world from a unique perspective and express my personality and vision. Photography remains a refuge from my daily job and activities, where I'm free to explore and create. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my work and passion with others.

I was always fascinated with skateboarding and I even started learning a year ago (you're never too old to try new things!). The thought of having my photography displayed on a skateboard deck excited me, making this project something I'm deeply passionate about.

In this collection, I'm showcasing my photography style and body of work, including my love for cityscapes and reptiles. I've also decided to incorporate my inspiration from vaporwave to create a unique and eclectic mix of images.

Check out more of my work on Instagram @jinko_waves