Ray Mullin

Ray Mullin became a skateboarder the day his friend brought a CCS catalog into seventh grade homeroom. He was captivated by the pages of skateboard designs. Skateboard culture and punk rock were heavily influential on his decision to pursue graphic design. 

Ray fell in love with Adobe Illustrator and after reaching the limits of the available tools within the software, he began programming his own. Eventually Ray built an Android app called Stipple and that has been his primary mode of expression since.

Ray uses very basic subject matter, primarily a skull, to showcase his vision and technical prowess. His designs range from impossibly complex mathematical puzzles, to ultra detailed grunge art, to incredibly minimalistic illusions. A unifying theme is the heavy exploration of halftones and halftone-like effects. 

Chaos and order, perfection and sloppiness, these contrasting ideals that are present within the art of skateboarding run through Ray’s prolific catalog of designs. Similar to skateboarding, Ray will spend hours to days perfecting a trick, finding meaning in seemingly arbitrary goals.

Check out more of my work on Instagram @atomiclabrador