Muges 147

I'm Muges147. I live in a small town near Rome (Italy), but I'm from Romania. I’ve been painting letters for more than half of my life. My addictions involve letters, underground rap music, love for the hip-hop culture, and ice creams ahahaha!

This graffiti thing for me is the key to living my life with peace. It's something that I have in my mind 24/7. My goal Is to always paint a new sketch - completely new but with my style. I don’t like to sketch the same letter-form twice. I really like to find new ways of connecting a letter to another, even by merging them. I love letters and I’m not just talking about graffiti, they’re addictive. I think that what we create is the sum of everything that we see everyday so that's where my inspiration comes from. If you want to see more from me check Instagram at @muges147 .

"Don't Sleep" design - The concept here is actually a translation of "Night Shift". When you have a night shift you can't sleep because you have to work so you continue to repeat to yourself "don't sleep" as a mantra. Everything is fast but somehow organized and at the end you manage to survive because if not ... "sleep is the cousin of death".

"Stay Up" design - Here the concept is more personal to me because in the graffiti game to "stay up" means to be active on the streets/trains or whatever, so that your name can be always seen. When you stay up you're like crushing everyone else with your light. That's why of the hand with a spraycan and a crown.