Nina Nayko

My name is Nina Nayko, freelance photographer and content creator from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’m currently photographing all around my city, I love challenging myself to try and find photographable places in Tbilisi. I get my inspiration from everything, my surroundings are the main source. I get the energy from the simplest intriguing details that I find, sometimes even in the boring reality, I always look for compositions around me. The collection used for the skateboards represents the post soviet buildings in an interesting way to showcase that no matter how ordinary and gray the life sometimes seems, we can always find the source of feeling and seeing something new in a very ordinary place. I see these brutalistic patterns every day and I wanted to capture them in an intriguing way so it feels more extra ordinary. Sometimes I capture reality and transform it into a more artistic, imaginary world by editing, which is my favourite process in photography. I want everyone to try seeing their surroundings the way I do, this way everyday life is always interesting and exciting.

Check out more of my work on Instagram @nina.nayko